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  • Share Your Content on #Twitter With @ClickToTweet #socialmedia #techtools
    DC Metro Area
  • Without #socialmedia you have an audience, with social media you have a community. My slides & toolkit for #SMDAYIT…
  • Tip from @samcharlesuk - use @clicktotweet on your site. Ready made tweet. #BrightonSEO
  • A3: I also use @clicktotweet to add tweetable quotes throughout my blog posts – it helps boost shares #vcbuzz
    London, UK
  • Thanks to my top #socialfave​s @GbrilliantQ @clicktotweet @BurtonBrown @Parentng #STLove v/
    Jersey or Skiing
  • Freshly blogged on @LinkedIn : Social Media management tools to save time #SocialMedia…
    Chennai, India
  • Have you tried @clicktotweet on your #wordpress #website? It's a great way to share your message…
  • #TipTuesday Make sure your blog posts have tweetable sentences. Bonus if you add a @clicktotweet button to make it…
    Canton, Ohio
  • @_sianjamieson @clicktotweet Excellent, brilliant resource thank you.
    Aviemore, Cairngorms
  • #Awesome just discovered @clicktotweet & set up a trial on our Facts&Figures page: If anyon…

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