Dashboard: Manage all your Click To Tweet links

Easily view and keep track of all links you've created in the past. Create folders to better organize links by project or campaign. Access to edit, view stats, and copy your links are all easily accessible.

Link Details

Update the text of your links at any time. Use a plain text link or select an image to embed in your website. Always have your link details up to date.

Embed Themes

Select from a variety of designs to embed your Click To Tweet call to action on your website or blog. There are several themes to choose from and more are being added.

Twitter Card Support

Want to display a Twitter Card without having to modify code on your blog or website? Click To Tweet allows you to enter Twitter Card info and display 1 of 2 different Twitter Cards whenever you use at least 1 link in your Click To Tweet.

Here are some examples of Twitter cards: Summary Card, Summary Card w/ Large Image


View reports of click activity on all your links. Analytics are tracked for all links you embed inside of your message/tweets, too!

Suggested Users

Increase your followers by suggesting your (or anyone's) Twitter account to be followed every time someone tweets from your ClickToTweet link.