I've run into my limit on creating new links, how can I create more?

The best way is to upgrade your account to our Unlimited Plans. This will give you all the links you'll ever need without having to worry.

Alternatively, you can delete one of your existing links to make room for another link. However, your link will no longer work and you will lose all tracking data.

How do I track links inside of my message/tweet?

Just type out the link inside of your message/tweet. Our link generator will automatically find, shorten, and track key data for any links inside of your message.

Why are the links inside my message/tweet different than what I entered?

In order for ClickToTweet to track the clicks on each of your links, we must use a URL shortener to redirect all your links. This allows us to provide analytics for all of your links.

Why is nothing showing up on my map?

First, someone will need to click on your link before the map can appear. Also, we generate the location of each click based on the user's IP address. If, for some reason, they are using an IP address that doesn't resolve to a geographic location, we will be unable to display their location on the map.

How do I place a clickable image on my website of my link?

After you've created your link, select an image from the link view page. This will update the embed code to the left of the image list. Click the Copy Code (or click inside the Embed Code text box and copy the code manually). You now have a copy of the embed code copied to your clipboard. Simply paste this code on a web page or email and your clickable image should appear.

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