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  • I love @clicktotweet
    NYC // YYZ
  • Make it easy to share with tools like @LikeableHub and @clicktotweet #LikeableICo @DaveKerpen @tweetJohnHall
  • @towardbeauty @BlogElevated I use @clicktotweet. It's awesome! #blogelevated
    Houston, TX
  • Beyond the Big Name Brands. My piece with @HeinzMarketing #salesenablement @clicktotweet @firstrain @maillift
    Martha's Vineyard, MA
  • @clicktotweet added you to my top 100 social sales tools because you are awesome!
    United States
  • What R your fav tools for automating & managing Twitter? My top four >> @hootsuite @ifttt @clicktotweet @bitly read >
    Outside of Atlanta, Georgia
  • I'm loving @clicktotweet's features. Very useful when asking others to support social media campaigns, etc. Well done, you guys!
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Is Your Audience Sharing Your Message on Twitter? Use @ClicktoTweet! by @SocialSalesLink
    United States
  • Learned about @SocialQuant_Net & @clicktotweet from #SMTLive. Definitely checking those out. Thanks, @DaveKerpen.
  • Also our favorite: CLICK TO TWEET! @clicktotweet #SMTLive @DaveKerpen @socialmedia2day

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