In a September post by sharethis they featured best practices on the topic of 50 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

In the post, sharethis states the following,

“With ClickToTweet, you can manage all your custom Twitter links from a single dashboard. Custom folders can be created to group links by project or campaign, and there is support for Twitter cards. The software also has tools for suggesting new users to interact with and social analytics to review the performance of your Twitter traffic.  Key Features: 1) select from included themes for each link design; 2) update the text of your links at any time; and 3) easily view and track all your links in a single dashboard”

We at ClickToTweet want to thank sharethis for the recognition and acknowledgement.

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  • Digipuush says:

    It is my first visit to clicktotweet it is really a good blog. I had no idea about these 50 social media scheduling tools before going through this. You clearly explained about each tool and it will surely help me.


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