We’ve taken a big step towards bringing the functionality of our WordPress plugin and our web app closer together. The same themes you can use to display your ClickToTweet links in WordPress are now available as a Javascript embed from inside the ClickToTweet app.

Now, after you create a CTT link (or view/edit one), you can scroll through a list of different themes you can then insert into your website or blog using a single line of Javascript. The old version of selecting a clickable image for your ClickToTweet is still around in the “Basic Embed” tab.

Speaking of tabs, you’ll also noticed that we’ve cleaned up the interface a bit and put major sections of configurations about your CTT links in separate tabs. This should make viewing your stats and other data much easier to read and easier to find.

We’ve also made some updates to our WordPress plugin and fixed a few minor issues that were causing some of our customers problems with their specific set ups. If you’ve had any issues with our plugin, please try updating it to the latest version.

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