We often get asked how to customize Click To Tweet links that appear in blog posts (using our WordPress plugin) so what is displayed is different than what gets tweeted. There is a simple way to accomplish this and you can use this technique on any current or new links you’ve created.

First, simply create your CTT link how you normally would. Make sure to include whatever text and links you want to ultimately be tweeted. Once you create and insert this link into your blog post, it will look something like this:

Now, your CTT link has been created and saved in the Click To Tweet database. From here, you can edit the text of your link (anything that falls between the [ ctt ] [ /ctt ] tags). For example, I could then edit my short tag above to this:

Now, when I publish my post, only “This is my quote” will appear. But, when someone clicks on it, the original text of my tweet will be pre-filled. Hope this helps!

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