As of 2018, there are 321 million monthly active Twitter users all over the world. Brands are using Twitter to expand their reach and tap new and diverse markets. Search engines like Google use signals from social media to determine the rankings of your website. Parameters like comments, shares, and likes actually impact the ranking of your website.

Twitter is no different. If you can optimize your Twitter account, it will also help you improve your search engine rankings. When done correctly, Twitter can help you boost the rankings of your website on different search engines.

Twitter offers you the perfect platform to talk about your brand and get the attention of your target audience. This helps increase your brand awareness. This will then lead to a higher number of people searching for your brand and website.

Now, are you wondering how to use your Twitter account to improve your search engine ranking?

This post will talk about some effective ways to use your Twitter account to improve your search engine rankings.

1. Optimize Your Twitter Handle

Optimizing your Twitter handle is one of the first steps to boosting your search engine rankings through Twitter. Usually, when people are interested in your brand, they want to check you out on social media. This is when they do a Google search for your Twitter account.

Now Google takes your brand name as a keyword and it will search Twitter to identify handles containing the name. So, make sure you use your brand name as your Twitter handle for increased visibility.

As you can see in the screenshot below, L’Oreal Paris has used their brand name as a Twitter handle. This will help users to discover the brand easily and quickly. It will also improve the search engine rankings of the brand.

2. Optimize Your Profile Bio

In addition to your Twitter handle, you also need to optimize your profile bio. Mind you that there are only 160 characters at your disposal. So, you need to create a bio where every character counts and helps to improve your search ranking.

Create a strong and relevant bio for your profile which leaves a lasting impression. However, also make sure to highlight the identity of your brand in your bio. This will help you get the attention of your target audience.

To increase your search rankings, make sure to include niche-related keywords in the bio. When you do this, the bio of your brand becomes more indexable for Google. And it becomes easier for your target audience to discover you.

Along with some relevant keywords like makeup, hair, etc., L’Oreal Paris uses their tag line “You’re worth it” in their profile bio. Similarly, you can optimize your profile bio with relevant keywords and signature phrases to improve your brand’s search engine ranking.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags Effectively

You can also use relevant hashtags in your Twitter stream to improve your search rankings. This will help a relevant audience to discover you easily not only on Twitter but also on Google.

Now, how can you maximize the impact of hashtags in search engine rankings?

You need to keep your hashtag unique but simple. Always put yourself in your target audience’s place and think from their perspective. What keywords and hashtags would they use? This will help you identify hashtags that are relevant yet unique.

Make sure you use hashtags which are specific to your industry. If required, you can use various tools to research relevant and popular hashtags from your industry. You can also run hashtag campaigns as part of your advertising campaign. This will help you increase your brand’s reach.

Mercedes-Benz has used relevant and industry-specific hashtags in their recent tweet. Anyone who uses these hashtags to conduct a search will be able to find it. Similarly, you can also use relevant hashtags in your tweets to gain more visibility.

4. Use Targeted Keywords

You likely already use keywords to optimize your website and boost your search engine rankings. Similarly, you need to use targeted keywords in your tweets. Google can access the Twitter stream and Twitter also has their own internal search engine.

So, you need to use targeted keywords in your tweets and/or retweets. By doing this, you are actually helping search engines determine the relevance of your brand to these queries. The primary intention is to write tweets that include targeted and niche-based keywords. This will help you gain higher rankings in search results.

For instance, Samsung Mobile released their new Galaxy series smartphone, the Galaxy S10, in February. In one of their recent tweets, they used targeted keywords like “smartphone,” “next generation,” and “Galaxy.” You can also implement this strategy and witness an increase your search engine rankings.

It’s not easy to identify high-performing keywords that will help you improve your rankings. But there are tools to make this process easier. Pro Rank Tracker is an excellent tool for this, especially with their new features.

You can use this tool to get the latest keyword search volume data, which can help you discover keyword ideas. You can further expand your search by checking the top 100 Google results of your tracked keywords. This will give you a better understanding of how people are using the keywords and what you’re up against.

This tool will also provide you with a trend chart and additional data for each ranked URL. So you’ll be able to monitor your ranks and the performance of your SEO strategies as well.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a huge social media platform and it continues to grow. Google extracts a lot of information from social media platforms and this impacts the search engine rankings of your website.

Which means you can use Twitter to improve your site’s rankings. Make sure you optimize your Twitter handle to match it with your brand name. This will help Google find you easily in branded searches. Also, optimize your profile bio with relevant and niche-specific keywords.

Do you know any other effective tips to boost your rankings using Twitter? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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