What is Gutenberg, you ask? From WordPress.org:

“Take your words, media, and layout in new directions with Gutenberg, the WordPress editor we’re currently building.”

It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. The current visual editor requires a lot of us to utilize shortcodes and HTML to make things work. Gutenberg aims to solve this problem once and for all. You can read all about the new editor here.

You can take Gutenberg for a spin (and share your feedback, if you’d like) before they officially release it, by installing it as a plugin. You can help by testing, filing bugs, or contributing on the GitHub repository.

The new editor will be enabled by default in the next major release of WordPress. If you’re not sure how compatible your current themes and plugins are, they’ve got you covered. Install the Classic Editor plugin to keep using the current editor until you’re ready to make the switch.

For now, until we’ve had a chance to research updating the plugin to work more natively with the Gutenberg editor, you simply need to add a new “Classic” block and our plugin will appear along the top formatting bar of that block. Classic is found under “Formatting” when adding a new block.

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